November 2009 Archives

The Exciters/Weddings Make me Cry/Soul Motion/Kent Soul

The Exciters/You Don’t know what You’re Missing (til it’s gone)/same as above

Lesley Dawson/Run for Shelter/The Girls are At It Again/NEXCD111

The Gossip/Love Let Love/Music for Men/Columbia

Holly Golightly the Brokeoffs/Devil Do/title cut EP/Transdreamer Records

The Exciters/You Better Come Home/Soul Motion/Kent Soul

Varetta Dillard/You Better Come Home/The Lovin’ Bird/Bear Family

Pet Clark/You’d Better Come Home/Here Come the Girls Vol. 1/Sequel

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Spazzys/Shake Twist/My boyfriend’s Back EP/Fur Records

Th eOrchids/The Boy Can’t Dance/self-titled/MCA

The Motels/Forever Mine/Take the L/Capitol

The Babyshakes/Love Machine/self-titled/Douche Master Records

Dotti Holmberg/Foolish Times/Simetimes Happy Times/Sundazed

Patsy Ann Noble/Don’t Tell Him I Told You/Story Of/Marginal

Le Tigre/Get off the Internet/From the Desk of Mr. Lady EP/Mr. Lady Records

Barbara Acklin/Fool Fool Fool (look in the mirror)/What More can a Woman Do?/Westside

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Diane Castle/My Heart Belongs to a Devil of a Boy/Girls of Hideaway Heaven Vol. 2/Rare Rockin’ Records

The Supremes/Thank you Darling/American British artists sing German/Bear Family

The Field Twins/It’s Alright/Girls! Girls! Girls! Australian Girls/Canetoad Records

Carole Riley/Cadillac Lover/Tough Dolls/Buffalo Bop

Lesley Duncan/You Kissed me Boy/Dream Babes Vol. 1/RPM

Maxine Brown/One Step at a Time/The EP Collection Plus/See for Miles

The Tangenettes/Any Ole Way/Girls Girls Girls with a Twist of Soul Vol. 1/Where Brown

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Betty LaVette/Ain’t Nothing Gonna Change Me/Souvenirs/Art Soul

Devil Doll/The Way you Do/The Return of Eve/Lucky Bluebird Records

Lee Jones/Cool Cool Daddy/Teenage Doll!/Buffalo Bop

Ex-Girl/Wipe Out #3/Back to the Mono Kero/Ipecac Recordings

Donna Summer/Journey to the Center of your Heart/Bad Girls/Casablanca

Vampira with Satan’s Cheerleaders/Tribute to Elvis/7/Tammy Tunes

Bags/Disco’s Dead/7 EP/Artifix Records

Jane Aire the Belvideres/Nasty Nine/7/Stiff Records

Heavenly/Trophy Girlfriend/7 split single with Bis/K Records

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