April 2015 Heart of the City Radio Archives

THROWBACK THURSDAY!! The BEST of HOTCREPI 14 (10/23/14) Get your PRAISE on with Tonia, Sara, ABC Youth, Maria, Bensonwells, Wynand, 3 Pete and other favorites!

NEW SONG THURSDAY!! New artists with new songs: Peder Eide, Calling Glory, Tanner Clark, Josh Gilbert and Sheila Fritz. Plus some “old” artists with NEW releases! Great show!!

SMOOTH THURSDAY!! …completing a task with such grace and fluidity that the onlooker will lose appreciation for how difficult a task it really was! Artists who make it look sooo EZ to PRAISE the Lord!

TODO ESPAÑOL THURSDAY!! It’s the “heavenly” language – so, WHY NOT?! With HOTC Band, Harold T, María S, Nueva Revalación, Jessica S, Hailey D., Nanci H, Yolandita C, Lightswitch and Arnold! VIVA LA RAZA!!

THROWBACK THURSDAY!! The BEST of HOTCREPISODE 25 (01/08/15) NUEVO AÑO THURSDAY!! Some NEW artists, some “old” ones – and a great new year of an amazing mix of “home-grown” JESUS music!!