February 2015 Heart of the City Radio Archives

CHRISTMAS 2014 REDUX!! There’s still SNOW (in some places!), the SON is here, so – why not? Allot of great “leftover” home-grown holiday music to enjoy!!

HIP HOP THURSDAY!! Rap nirvana with: Ryan Daniel, M.O G, Dezal, Mighty The Gospel Hiphopper, Sounds of Blackness, Jamecia Bennett, Isioma, Troy Williams, Titan Family, HOTC and Sara Renner!

NORMAL THURSDAY!! Back to our wonderful eclectic mix of great, Christ-honoring “home grown” music! Also debuting Hailey D and Dan & Sandy Adler’s Acoustic Light!

PRAISE THURSDAY!! From southern gospel to rap to Latino, “Let ALL creation praise HIM!” Debuting Nanci Hernandez and The Jacobs Brothers!