January 2015 Heart of the City Radio Archives

ALL-CHRISTMAS THURSDAY PART DOS!! Great “leftover” Christmas music with: Robert Robinson, Ken Wanovich, Tonia Hughes, New Song Kids Choir, Kimberly Brown, Dianne Porter, Heart Song and HOTC Band! You won’t hear this music anywhere else!!

NUEVO AÑO THURSDAY!! Some NEW artists, some “old” ones – and a great NEW YEAR of an amazing mix of “home-grown” JESUS music every week!!

THROWBACK THURSDAY!! The BEST of HOTCR – Episode 12 (10/9/14) Debuting: River Valley Church Band and Lightswitch! Bonus closing bosa nova “I Sing To You My Savior.” Plus: “A Season for Everything” and “Cool Church Names!” Excellent show!!

ONE VOICE THURSDAY!! Stretch yourself MUSICALLY in 2015 with HOTCR as we praise His name “WITH ONE VOICE!” Kids, rap, gospel, contemporary, Latino and the debut of The Jordan Kyle Band! Great stuff!!

DEEP CUT THURSDAY!! We dig up some vintage HOTC gems! PLUS: RVC Band, 3 Pete, The Remnant, Tonia Hughes & Chris Steubing. That’s a show!!