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St. Paul’s Harriet Island is a familiar landmark to many, but Lilydale Regional Park, just down the road, is less well known. This hidden gem boasts a lake, a bluff, waterfalls and wetlands. Visitors come for fossil hunting, biking, ice climbing and bird watching, and more than 600 acres provide habitat for eagles, deer, turtles and wild turkeys. KFAI producer Maria Almli discovers that Lilydale was once home to more than wildlife.

Located just 45 minutes northeast of the Twin Cities in rural Minnesota, Franconia Sculpture Park beckons drivers traveling along Highway 95. The 20-acre park features over-sized sculptures and interactive installations, and was founded in 1996 by a small group of visionary artists led by John Hock.

Dodge Nature Center in West St. Paul is a 320-acre park that includes a model farm. Don Oberdorfer oversees the farm, which is a home to rare livestock breeds. KFAI producer Dan Greenwood visits the farm and learns about the endangered Guinea hog.

In 1933, at the height of the Great Depression, Franklin Delano Roosevelt rode the popular vote into the White House. His main objective as President was to put Americans back to work, and his New Deal program included public works projects for construction, transportation and the arts. The Public Works of Art Project—or PWAP—was a radical idea to some, but it created a national arts legacy. KFAI producer Britt Aamodt talks to Brian Zott from the Minnesota Historical Society about local artists who participated in the project.

We often hear that Minneapolis has a healthy arts scene, but how is it measured? Gulgun Kayim is Director of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy for Minneapolis, and an artist herself. Gulgun studies which arts sectors are thriving, which need help, and what it all means for the local economy.

Wilderness Inquiry is an adventure organization that offers outdoor experiences for people of all abilities. KFAI producer Dixie Treichel has the story on trips that the Minneapolis-based group has organized locally, nationally and globally.

Danny Givens is a local preacher and non-profit worker uses his past personal experiences to help men returning home from prison. With his new church, Above Every Name, Danny and his wife Roslyn are connecting communities in the Twin Cities. KFAI’s Sarah Lageson has the story.

The smallest National Wildlife Refuge in the country is located in Minnesota. Measuring just over half an acre, Hennepin Island is made up of two tiny rock islands in Lake Mille Lacs. It’s a refuge for nesting habitats and a variety of birds. KFAI’s Dan Greenwood accompanied National Wildlife Refuge officials on a trip to Hennepin Island to see the largest nesting habitat for the Tern—a bird species whose population is threatened.

Ephraim Eusebio is a local artist and musician. Inspired years ago by Burning Man, he’s been creating and collaborating in the Twin Cities since the early 1990s. From art cars to free-form painting; theater productions to playwriting, Ephraim is a true Renaissance man.

Sound is used to inform, entertain, communicate, and even heal. The ancient art of sound healing helps ease pain and stress, facilitates spiritual growth, and balances emotions. KFAI producer Katey DeCelle talked with therapist Frank DiCristina about his practice of sound healing.