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In the early 1940s, the need for Japanese translators in the Pacific was growing. With few soldiers proficient in Japanese, a language school to intensively train people to be military linguists was established. Nisei—people of Japanese ancestry born in the United States—were recruited to teach at the school, but when President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued an Executive Order of internment or relocation, the school moved from California to Minnesota. KFAI producer Jessica Folker tells the story of how Japanese Americans living in the Twin Cities admirably served their country at the military school.

Walker Community United Methodist Church was built in 1909 in south Minneapolis at 31st Street and 16th Avenue South. Named after Thomas Barlow Walker, a lumber baron who helped finance its construction, the church is synonymous with community and acceptance.

About 20 million people currently practice yoga in the United States. Recently, Yoga Journal named the Twin Cities among the top 10 most yoga-friendly cities in the country. From stress reduction to weight loss, the body, mind and health benefits are rapidly catching on. KFAI producer Flor Frey talks to Matthew Sanford, author of “Waking: A Conversation with Matthew Sanford,” about how adaptive yoga makes yoga accessible for every body.

Yoga is becoming increasing popular—nearly 20 million people practice in the Untied States. Nan Gane Arundel and Jessica Rosenberg are yoga instructors—Gorilla Yogis—with a different approach: they take their practice outside a traditional yoga studio into city streets, parks and venues like First Avenue and the Varsity Theater. Gorilla Yogis donates proceeds from its monthly sessions to local charities and nonprofit groups.

At McNally-Smith College of Music in St. Paul, the student and community ensemble Improvestra was conceived by Chris Cunningham, the school’s Director of Creative Partnership. The idea behind Improvestra is for musicians to never repeat what they play, instead, always seeking inspiration from the ever-changing environment of the ensemble.