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Artist Jim Denomie depicts politics, history and contemporary Native American issues using bold colors, big brush strokes and a heavy dose of satire. He earned a degree in studio arts and Native American studies from the University of Minnesota, and began painting the world around him. A visual storyteller, his work enlightens and educates people, and is in collections all over the world.

The Twin Cities is known for its vibrant theater scene, but did you know that Minnesota leads the nation in accessible theater? In 2010, more than 300 shows were staged that addressed accessibility issues—using actors, themes and adaptations, such as sign language, open captioning and sensory tours.

In 2011, Minnesota filmmaker Mara Pelecis produced a documentary entitled, “Souvenirs—Healing After War.” The film focuses on challenges faced by post-war veterans acclimating back into society, but for Mara, the project became deeply personal.

You’ve probably heard her voice at college and professional sporting events, but who, exactly, is the diva behind the National Anthem? KFAI producer Robert W. Morgan introduces us to Twin Cities singer and actress, Michelle Delgado.

Jeannette Brown was the first African-American woman to earn a Masters degree in chemistry from the University of Minnesota. She spoke to KFAI producer Will Wright about her experience at the U of M in the 1950s, and her book, “African American Women Chemists.”

Mennonites, also called Anabaptists, are a pacifist religious sect that formed during the 16th century. To escape persecution, Mennonites fled Europe and formed colonies all over the world. Here in the United States and elsewhere, followers lived a largely rural life based on agriculture, simplicity and community. Today, more and more urban integration is taking place. KFAI producer Dan Greenwood visited a St. Paul-based Mennonite church and coffee shop, and discovered that the movement is changing rapidly with the times.