May 2011 Archives

Northeast artists Nick Legeros and Michael Boyd have been working individually in bronze and glass all their lives. But when a commission brought them together about a year ago, they began to collaborate in revolutionary ways.

The one-day event featured dance performances, open mics, workshops, and youth teams competing in a series of poetry slams, aimed at crowning the 2011 Say Word! champions.

Environmental sound artist Philip Blackburn records outdoor sounds, creates large-scale activities for untrained musicians, and presents unusual public sound experiences.

Capoeira is a martial art created and practiced by runaway slaves in Brazil during Portuguese colonization. It’s a combination of instrument playing, singing, and vigorous physical exercise.

The distance from farm-to-table will be closer than ever with the opening of Tangletown’s Wise Acre Eatery in South Minneapolis. Owners Dean Engleman and Scott Endres have added 17 acres of vegetables, chickens, Scottish Highland Cattle and Berkshire pigs to their ornamental plant production in Plato, Minnesota. The farm will directly supply ingredients to Chef Beth Fisher and Manager Caroline Glawe for what may be the first farm-to-table restaurant owned by the farm.

Innova Recordings was founded in 1982 as a contemporary record label. Located in St. Paul, it is part of the American Composers Forum and represents a wide variety of music artists who might otherwise fall through the cracks at traditional record companies. In addition to new artists, Innova preserves archived recordings of selected American composers’ works.

If you’re a painter, you can go to the store and buy oils or watercolors. But what if you’re an artist obsessed with materials you can’t buy at a store? That’s the dilemma facing Beth Barron of Minneapolis. The main ingredient in her creations are Band-Aids. And not new ones either.