February 2016 Malarkey-Radio with an Irish Accent Archives

The Skally Line (Fred Keller and Tom Cornish) play and talking about Old Time American music and its connection to the Scotc-Irish music tradition. Their new CD "Up the Road and Down the Flats" will have a release party at the Celtic Junction on Feb 21.

On the 18th February, 104 years ago, an Irishman set off on a solo journey across an unforgiving Antarctic landscape. His mission, to save a life, as he'd done before and would do again. Little matter that he was putting his own life at risk, that was of secondary concern to a man who always placed the welfare of others above himself.

In his pocket he carried a stick of chocolate and two biscuits. It would take him 18 hours to complete his 36 mile trek in worsening weather conditions it would be hard for most of us to even imagine.

Irish movies and personalities at Oscar 2016

Events coming up around the St. Patrick's Day celebration.