November 2015 Malarkey-Radio with an Irish Accent Archives

Gary Brueggemann discusses his book Minnesota's Oldest Murder Mystery, the story of Phalen (ex Derry) and Hays (ex Waterford), two discharged Fort Snelling soldiers who lived in a shack in what is now St. Paul and tended two separate plots of land along the river. Then Hays disappeared only to be found dead and mutilated weeks later half in and half out of the river. Phalen's trial found him not guilty for lack of evidence but Phalen's story continued.

Pete McCauley of Hounds of Finn (in studio) and Ian Byrne of The Elders (phone in) talking about upcoming double concert date, touring Ireland, and bands' makeup. 

Michael and Hanna Sturm or Irish Punk Rock band The Langer's Ball in studio this time with their acoustic instruments to entertain us with song while Siobhan relates stories from the recent trip to Ireland.

Music and chat

Tracie Loffler-Donaghy, Bridget Murphy, and Eddie Owens in studio to discuss the upcoming launch of the anthology The Harp and the Loon to which each has contributed. Tracie is also the editor.