May 2015 Malarkey-Radio with an Irish Accent Archives

Tracks from a recent recording with players:

  • Ryan Behnke (pipes)
  • Iain Dove Lempke (flute, whistle)
  • Cormac O'Se (piano accordion)
  • David Rhees (fiddle)
  • Suzanne Rhees (flute)
  • Tom Schaefer (fiddle)
  • Michal Sinak (concertina, accordion)
  • Daithi Sproule (guitar)
  • Ryan Txanson (silver flute, electric piano)
  • Cara Weggler (fiddle)

Live recordings taken around the Twin Cities in the past two weeks, Kitchen Session #2 at the home of Tom Lockney and Barra live at The Underground Music Cafe. Also Maurice O'Sullivan commenting from Ireland on the latest scandal in that country – The Big Oil Steal.

Norah Rendell and Daithi Sproule in studio to talk about the Minnesota Irish Music Weekend. Also Paul Garding in studio to perform "Flowers of Saskatchewan" to commemorate Memorial Day.