January 2015 Malarkey-Radio with an Irish Accent Archives

Since 2003, Cameron Weir from St. Paul, is largely a self taught bowyer and fletcher. He has also completed an apprenticeship with an accomplished bow maker in the UK. When he make his bows, he likes to meld function with form and aesthetics. His bows are effective for target archery and hunting while also being pieces of art that reflect traditional European and Native American styles combined with his own aesthetic touches

Past and present in the St. Paul Irish community with Jim Brooks, editor and publisher of The Irish Gazette. Characters, events, and more.

Bobbie Scott from the Minnesota Historical Society  talks about early white settlement at Fort Snelling in the early 1800s and the newcomer's (American (Yankies), Irish, German, French) interaction with the Dakota. Slavery in early Fort Snelling.