January 2014 Jazzed Up And Bonkers!! Archives

Twin Cities Bubble Rock Band COZY invade the KFAI studio, play a lot of small records, we play a version of “Name That Toot,” and make a rock video with
Travis and Dan for Show #22 of JAZZED UP AND BONKERS!! This show is a short cut to a nervous breakdown.
Grab some root beer and enjoy! Or don’t. I don’t care. Stop it.

Travis and Dan are joined by “Rock And Roll Know-It-All” SANDY SHOCKS as they give you a history of PUNK ROCK!!
MAYHEM and ANARCHY rule the airwaves as they play lots of violent and cool punk records and talk all about what it means to be punk.
There’s also an editorial piece by Jazzed Up And Bonkers correspondent, KURT BUMPSFACE. Grab yourself a Jolt Cola, and get crazy