02/13/2008 The killings of Oromos in Bosaso Somalia -eyewitness interview. We interviewed an eyewitness direct from Somalia-Bosaasoo. It's really a heart breaking report. Must listen interview.



Election 2008, Oromian Coffee, Tax advice

02/06/2008:Our guest Dr. Nuroo Dadafo will tell us about the USA election rules, current presidential campaign.

02/06/2008: Oromia Youth Association initiates a petition request to change the name of Organic Ethiopian Coffee to Organic Oromian Coffee
The name of Equal Exchange's Ethiopian coffee has been changed to Oromain coffee. We will be having discussions and interviews.
Here is the link to the article about the Oromian coffee:

02/06/2008 TAX advice by tax professionals.

01/30/2007 Interview With Oboo Dabasaa Guyyoo: gadaa system it's structure and meanings.

01/23/2007 'Prison Speaks Oromiffaa'- analysis by Jelil Abdella-from Voice of Oromia