Local Musicians Burst Into Song During Pledge Drive!

It's been known to happen all over the air during a pledge drive...a sudden freestyle battle erupts, a live blues duo trades phrases of "pledge now"...Sherry Minnick picks up her guitar for a spontaneous tune like she did this afternoon with David Cummings. KFAI's Fall membership drive inspires the best in us all!

Monday marks our second half - five days down and five to go. Thank you to everyone who's been inspired by unique, community-driven programming enough to call or join on-line! Listeners have given nearly $33,000 toward our $70,000 goal. Each gift is tax-deductible and goes toward keeping the studio doors open to more musicians and community members to bring the programming your ears can hear only on KFAI.

Call 612-375-9030 or click here to join online today--thanks! 

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