Young Journalists Take Giant Leap

Not that long ago, it was a romantic career ambition for many American journalists to be stationed at an international post, filing reports for a major media outlet.  But in recent years, large news organizations have shied away from the expense of having foreign correspondents in overseas capitals. 

And with the grisly deaths of journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff  at the hands of Islamic militant fighters, awareness has grown of the vulnerability of reporters as they cover strife around the globe.    

But late last month Andrew Swenson left his produce job at the Seward Co-op and joined with friend Caden Borchers with the intention of going to Istanbul, Kurdistan, Tel Aviv and the West Bank to establish credentials as journalists who can cover difficult issues in volatile places.

These two twenty seven year old men, working as freelancers, stopped by KFAI before leaving the country to talk with Cynthia Montana.  Cynthia asked Andrew Swenson what inspired him to want to be a journalist in areas of global conflict.  

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