KFAI Network: What Donor Dollars Allowed Us to Do, Thanks!

Continued from March 2014 KFAI Network, Executive Director's Corner

We offered music, entertainment and public affairs programming specifically designed to address the needs of the African, African-American, Asian-American, Native American, and Hispanic/Latino populations. And, we offered programming in 13 languages (Amharic, Bulgarian, English, French, Gaelic, Hindi, Hmong, Khmer, Oromo, Somali, Spanish, Tigrigna, and Vietnamese) to accommodate both English and non-English speaking audiences.

We also offered programming to meet the needs of youth and young adults. More than 50 youth toured the station, served as interns or were mentored by experienced programmers to prepare them to someday host their own shows. Soul Tools Radio, our Saturday night Hip-Hop show, is a favorite among youth and young adults.
Our diversity is represented in many ways. Fresh Fruit, our program dedicated to the needs of the LGBTQ community, is the longest-running queer radio show in the nation. Disabled and Proud, our program designed to address the needs of persons with disabilities, is hosted by a volunteer programmer who is visually impaired. We also have a nonverbal board-certified volunteer who uses voice synthesizer software and an iPad to broadcast.
Last year we received nearly $297,000 in donations from more than 2,600 generous supporters! In addition, 508 members contributed an average of $13 monthly through our Auto Club program, providing over $6,600 monthly to support our operations. And, over 30 supporters doubled their gifts in 2013 through their companies’ matching gift program, resulting in nearly $4,800 in support for KFAI.
Additionally, we raised more than $7,200 during a special one-day 35th Anniversary Drive and more than $7,700 during Give to the Max Day 2013! We also received nearly $18,000 in proceeds from cars donated by our listeners! 
Because of your support KFAI operates 24 hours a day, serves diverse communities and meets many needs in our community. All of this is done with the leadership of a small staff of six paid employees and more than 500 volunteer programmers, engineers, producers and other volunteers.
This year, 2014, presents new opportunities. The staff, Board of Directors, and other volunteers are up to the challenge. We pledge to provide the quality and diverse programming that you are accustomed to receiving.
Thank you for your continued support!
Willie Dean, Ph.D.
Executive Director
March 3, 2014