The 99ers (and the Trashmen too) visit Radio Rumpus Room on Friday, May 21

Some of the Upper Midwest's preeminent purveyors of surf'n'drag sounds will be with us on Friday, May 21, as St. Paul's the 99ers drag their gear across the Mississipi River Bridge to play live in the Radio Rumpus Room garage. We've been huge fans of this terrific quartet since before they landed the first of two albums on Eddie Angel's Spinout Records label. That's one great reason you gotta tune in for this week's show.

And, oh yeah, another one: Tony Andreason and Dal Winslow, founding members of the legendary Trashmem are stopping by as well. We'll be talking about their recent, frequent tours of Europe and the East Coast, and anything else that occurs to us. If you got questions, email them to us NOW!

It'll all go down on Friday, May 21. Hey dad -- don't be a hodad! You can't miss this one -- the second-last Radio Rumpus Room ever!