Community Justice Project volunteers on Monday, May 18th 7:00 am

The Good Noise Show welcomes guests from the Community Justice Project on Monday, May 18th. These volunteers will discuss the project in general and their experiences in particular, during the show’s 7:00 hour. And, as always, Dale’s Good Noise guests will be programming the music.

This year, the adult correctional facility in Plymouth will have 7,500 men and women go in, then later return to their communities. These people will either come home to commit more crimes or change their lives. Change happens through a positive relationship. In 2008 the people mentored through the Community Justice Project had 419 arrests in the two years prior to being incarcerated and only 79 new arrests since release. For more information on becoming a volunteer mentor, contact Hillary Freeman at 612-673-2892. Creating Safe Communities One Person at a time. The Community Justice Project’s next training session is on June 13th.
Community Justice Project
Learn more about the project during the Good Noise Show on KFAI radio. 90.3 and 106.7 FM and web casting at 6 – 9 Monday morning, May 18th