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June 2012 Volume 6 Issue 2



KFAI Broadcasts Live from Pride on Sunday, June 24th


by Erika Lantz, KFAI Network writer
Take a look at Fresh Fruit's web page or Facebook profile, and you’ll see the phrase right away: "The longest-running queer radio program in the country." There's good reason to be proud. Since 1978, Fresh Fruit has challenged norms by opening discussion about sexuality and gender.
In two weeks,  Fresh Fruit will be part of something even older: the Twin Cities Pride Festival. Twin Cities Pride turns 40 this year, and part of that anniversary celebration will include a live radio broadcast by Fresh Fruit hosts Dixie Treichel and Peter Gokey. Treichel and Gokey will broadcast from the porch of the History Pavilion in Loring Park from 11am to 2pm on Sunday, June 24th. 
The broadcast will bring Twin Cities Pride to anyone who can't make it to the park because of health issues, physical challenges, other obligations, or because they haven't "come out" yet and may not be comfortable attending. 
"The only other real media coverage is about a one-minute flash of the parade on the local news. So it's nice to be able to bring substantial coverage of the day to the airwaves," Peter says. "We also like that it makes for an exciting and interactive experience for those at the park, being able to see us broadcast live, and perhaps to be on air themselves." 
Learn more about Fresh Fruit's plans for the live broadcast on June 24th...

KFAI has this Wish List:

  • New or gently used portable digital audio-only and video recorders
  • Spools of recordable blank DVDs
  • CD shelves for our music library

Please contact Janis Lane-Ewart with leads on these items.



KFAI's High School Student Reporters Complete Year

By Pam Hill Kroyer, for the KFAI Network

Blake Nafiso Zatorri and Mandeil from Cristo Rey High School
This week, KFAI said goodbye to four talented, bright young people who gave a lot of time to the station during the 2011-2012 school year. Our partnership with Cristo Rey Jesuit High School has ended for the season, which means the four students who did a work study at the station one day each week throughout the year are gone. Lucky for us, we will be able to hear their hard work through each of their self-produced feature-length stories, which will air during the KFAI Weekly News this summer.
Zatorri King, Blake Mattson, Nafiso Shire started their work with KFAI at the end of August 2011, and Mandeil Stamper came to the station in February. Each student had trepidation about being on the air,  but grew into the role of news update host and interviewer. Each student leaves the station more confident in her or his own voice and ability to express ideas.
"I was really nervous to go on air--live--I'm usually not much for speaking in front of people," Mandeil says about his first time presenting a news update. "Now, I'm comfortable on the mic--which surprised me. I have confidence and can actually talk in front of people now."
Learn more about the students' experiences and original stories about bullying, racism, fatherhood and beauty...


KFAI Night at the Ordway June 13th

KFAI would like you to join us to see the production of Tony Award-winning musical, FELA! at the Ordway on Wednesday, June 13th, at 7:30pm. The musical is directed by Bill T. Jones and produced by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith and Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter.

The KFAI night discount applies to lower tickets from $90.00 to $35.00, not including fees. Promo Code: FELAKFAI

Visit http://www.ordway.org/performances/1112/fela.asp or call 651-224-4222 for more information. Patrons should note that the Wednesday night performance coincides with another St. Paul event, the Nature Valley Bicycle Festival, which means the following streets will be closed:

  • St. Peter Street from 7th St. W. to 4th St. W.
  • Washington Street from 4th St. W. to St. Peter Street
  • 4th St. W. from Washington Street to St. Peter Street
  • 5th St. W. from 7th St. to St. Peter Street
  • 6th St. W. from St. Peter Street to 7th St W.

The Ordway is offering a $10.00 parking voucher for the Science Museum ramp, along with parking for $18 at the Landmark Center, which is right next to the Ordway. Kellogg Street will still be open, and patrons can easily park in the River Centre and Kellogg Street ramps.  Come out and see this incredible performance marking the life and music of late Nigerian singer and political activist, Fela Kuti!

DJ SLT Brings his Blend from Across the Board to the Arcade Dance Floor

DJ SLT from Across the Board will be at Rusty Quarters Arcade in Minneapolis the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. This means you can tap your feet to the classic underground post-punk and electronic music you've come to know and love from SLT, as well as pump the pinball machine full of change to rare Bowie tracks and new rock you didn't even know you needed to hear. Expect special guests, too, just like SLT invites on hisradio show for the "Collector's Corner." DJ SLT will be at Rusty Quarters on Wednesday, June 20th. Stop by and say hi!

Community & Culture

A New Publication Debuts, Becomes KFAI Underwriter

by Dick Stevens, for the KFAI Network

Woodbury Living magazine recently became a business underwriter of Fresh Air Radio. "I think it's a nice fit," says publisher, editor and founder Peter McNiff about providing financial support to KFAI, "and our readers have already expressed their appreciation to us for our decision." 
Peter McNiff, publisher, editor and founder of Woodbury Living Magazine
A Focus on Long-Established Residents of a Growing Community
Peter has been active in the regional magazine business for the past 20 years. He founded Watershed Publishing and launched Stillwater Living in 2005. Woodbury Living began publication in October of 2011. The magazine targets as its readers people living in the older, more established sections of their community. Peter says Woodbury Living’s readers are "long-time residents, people who have been in their neighborhoods for decades. Our focus on celebrating the heart of Woodbury is a distribution focus on the original neighborhoods and the people within them." 
A Rich and Varied Editorial Mix
Published bimonthly, Woodbury Living includes a number of community-oriented features, including a series of interviews called "Back Again" with residents who grew up in Woodbury, moved elsewhere for a time, and later returned to their community and neighborhood roots to raise families of their own. "Traditions," another recurring feature, profiles the various teachers, coaches and school administrators who help shape young people's lives and invites them to talk about their own histories and career choices. Dr. Harold Ireton, PhD., a child and family psychologist for 30 years in the Department of Pediatrics and Family Practice at the University of Minnesota, provides helpful child-rearing tips for readers in his "Parents' Corner" column.
We Welcome Our Connection with Woodbury Living
KFAI substantially expanded its metro area broadcast coverage into communities such as Woodbury when it increased power and moved its transmitter to the top of the IDS Tower. Woodbury's fast-growing and diverse population, to borrow Peter McNiff's phrase, is a nice fit for Fresh Air Radio.  KFAI very much appreciates the financial support provided by Watershed Publishing and Woodbury Living.  
More information about Woodbury Living is available at www.woodburyliving.net.

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