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March 2014 - Volume 8, Issue 1

Executive Corner

Dear KFAI Supporters:
The group of citizens who founded Fresh Air, Inc. in 1973, as a non-profit organization, sought to establish a non-commercial community radio station as an alternative to other stations. They wanted to fill the void in music and news left by traditional broadcasters, provide access to the airwaves for the public at large, and train and empower community members to utilize radio broadcasting. After five years of paperwork and other legal entanglements KFAI went on the air at 90.3 FM on May 1, 1978.
A labor of love that started with a small group of volunteers over 36 years ago, KFAI is now a unique radio station that serves a loyal and diverse audience, thanks to the support of listeners and members like you!
We will kick off our spring pledge drive next month with a goal to raise $91,000 from 1,300 donors. The drive, which will run for 10 days from April 2nd to April 11th, is a time when listeners, volunteers and staff come together to fellowship, have fun and support the work being done every day at KFAI.
Because of your support KFAI offers access to diverse individuals and communities.  We offer 89 programs weekly. Our music format spans multiple genres including Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Country, Caribbean, Latin, Pop, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Roots, and Zydeco. Our arts, news, talk and public affairs programming are equally diverse, ranging from spoken word, to sound effects, to documentaries, and to our morning drive shows, The Morning Blend, and Democracy Now.
Your support makes it possible for listeners to access our content in multiple ways: live broadcasts on 90.3 FM and 106.7 FM, streaming and archives at kfai.org, and live streaming and on-demand access via our KFAI mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Because of your support we were able to accomplish many things last year. We presented KFAI volunteer opportunities at the City of Minneapolis' Diversity Job Fair. We were honored that five of our producers received "Page One Awards" from the Minnesota Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. We partnered with a number of local venues such as Acadia Cafe, the Cedar Cultural Center, Burnsville Performing Arts Center, the Blue Nile, Black Dog Cafe, Patrick's Cabaret, Capri Theater, and Bryant Lake Bowl. We also collaborated with multiple partners to offer more than 125 community events!

Read more from Dr. Willie Dean about what KFAI was able to do thanks to your support...

Spring Back: A Cabaret on Resilience at the U of M

This Wednesday, March 5, KFAI presents its third "What's in the Mix" event. In partnership with University of Minnesota's Transgender Commission, and the GLBTA Programs Office, KFAI will be part of the 8th annual Transgender Commission Celebration, Spring Back: A Cabaret on Resilience.
The event features performances and a panel discussion by local artists and activists, including CeCe McDonald, Venessa Fuentes, James DeWitt, Kenneth Williams, Margot Bassett, and Molly Van Avery; as well as emcee Sol Raz Asanti and moderator Jason Jackson. It's free and open to the public.
"What's in the Mix" is part of KFAI's Legacy Project, and made possible by a grant from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. These community engagement events blend arts and activism, and are recorded for broadcast on KFAI's weekly arts program, MinneCulture.
The fourth and final "What's in the Mix" event will take place on Thursday, April 10, at UROC (Urban Research and Outreach-Engagment Center) in North Minneapolis. That event will focus on arts and healing.
For more information, contact Nancy Sartor at nancy.sartor@gmail.com.

Community & Culture

KFAI's Special Programming Days and Cheers to Three Volunteers

International Women's Day Saturday, March 8, 2014: Inspiring Change - 25 Years of IWD on KFAI!

International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated annually around the world on March 8th.This year marks the 25th anniversary of 24 hours of broadcasting on KFAI in honor of IWD with the theme "Inspiring Change." Starting at midnight on Friday and running to midnight on Saturday, 24 hours of programming will be devoted to highlighting women's and girls' voices, issues and music. A main feature of the 24-hour broadcast is that only women's and girls' voices, both biological and trans, are allowed on air. Behind the scenes all genders are welcome to help prepare and celebrate this special day on KFAI. International Women's Day around the world encourages advocacy for women's advancement everywhere in every way and challenges the status quo to fight for women's equality and inspire positive change. This year's IWD committee is Mary Jean Babcock, Christina Cerruti, Emily Krumberger, Brittany Lynch, Rmay Rivard, Dixie Treichel and Georgia Wettlin Larsen.
To see a full schedule of 2014 shows and for more information visit the International Women's Day 2014 webpage: http://kfai.org/IWD2014.
Thanks to the Minnesota Women's Press, which highlighted the 25th anniversary of IWD on KFAI in the March issue, on-line now.
KFAI Celebrated Black History Month in February 2014 and You Can Still Hear It!
KFAI devoted 24 hours to special programming honoring Black History Month on Tuesday, February 18th from 6am through the following morning. This year’s special programming included the 3rd Annual BHM Live Sound Stage, broadcast live from Golden Thyme Cafe in St. Paul, featuring performances from Ray Covington, The Prophets of Peace, Solflower Collective, Pavielle French, and more. All programming from that day can be found on the Archives at kfai.org/2014BHM - tune in to the live broadcast: you won't want to miss the improvised collaboration between Covington and PeeWee Dred that closed out the show!
KFAI Congratulates Roxanne Anderson, Liz Olds and J. Otis Powell on Creative Endeavors!
Each one of the three KFAI hosts listed above has something to celebrate about 2014 so far--their creative artworks have been recognized by fellow artists. Read the news about Roxanne, Liz and J.Otis (with interrobang) here!



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