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  • An art gallery in Saint Paul is hoping a new exhibit will help connect people with art in unique and meaningful ways. The exhibit, which features art by Iraqi children, is getting attention including one Iraq War Veteran who is walking 1000 miles to bring attention to the childrens’ plight.

    KFAI Reporter Marty Owings brings us the story.


  • Tune in to Encuentro this Sunday, May 3, from 1 to 2:30 p.m.

  • News reports and magazines are full of stories and warnings and worries over the approaching boomer bubble of boomers over 60 years of age, the puzzling spike in cases of dementias and disorders, i.e., Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and related disabling brain function.

  • Thanks to everyone who called, walked in, or used the web to make a contribution during KFAI’s Spring Pledge Drive. With your help, we were able to exceed our goal of $100,000! KFAI’s largest contributors are you, listener members, so on behalf of the KFAI Board of Directors, staff and volunteers, thank you for making this drive a success!

  • During and despite the Great Depression, the entertainment industry was working overtime. Listen to some of the gems and the stories behind them at 7 p.m. Monday on the Listening Lounge. The roughest years in American history produced what many consider the greatest era of popular music.

  • Local anti-war ativists participated in state-wide protests at military recruitment centers as part of Zero Recruitment Day on Thursday. Protestors from organizations like Grandmas for Peace, the Anti-War Committee, and Twin Cities Peace Campaign gathered at military recruitment centers to voice opposition to military recruiting and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • A rally for GLBT issues was held at the State Capitol this afternoon. Activists and legislators spoke to those gathered about the need for equality and fairness in Minnesota laws. KFAI Capitol Correspondent Marty Owings brings us the story.


  • The Minnesota Department of Commerce held a hearing Tuesday in Red Wing to allow public comment on Xcel Energy’s application to increase power produced at the Prairie Island Nuclear Plant and to add 35 more above-ground canisters to store used nuclear waste.

  • This week marks the beginning of major debate on the state’s budget. Struggling with massive deficits and the increasing needs of Minnesotans, legislators are trying to tackle perhaps the worst budget situation in the State’s history. KFAI Capitol Correspondent Marty Owings filed this story.


  • In the middle of controversy and partisan posturing, the economic stimulus package was recently passed into law. Minnesota will receive 9 billion dollars in tax cuts and new federal aid through the 787 billion dollar stimulus bill.