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  • I recently remembered watching American Idol a few years back thinking, these people have absolutely no idea what talent is. The bottom line is that there are numerous local artists in Minnesota that could frankly make any winner of American Idol grovel at their feet, and Aby Wolf is most certainly one of them. Her talent far outweighs anything that could or would ever come from Fox.

  • Join Hosts Dixie Treichel & John Townsend for the KFAI Spring Pledge Drive 2009 on Fresh Fruit: Thursday, April 16th from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

    Fresh Fruit, the longest running queer radio show in the country since 1978,
    serves the queer community and friends with pride.

    Our guests include:

    Melodie Bahan, Communications Director Guthrie Theater


  • Please tune in this Wednesday to Rockin’ in Rhythm at 7:06 am when host David Cummings will be airing part 2 of his interview with Noel Neill. Ms. Neill has had a very successful career in movies and television. What many people don’t know is that Ms. Neill is from Minneapolis. Last week we talked mostly about her career before the Superman years.

  • KFAI’s Spring 2009 Pledge Drive runs from Saturday, April 11th and runs until Friday, April 24th. Listener supports is a vital part of the programing on KFAI. Support KFAI by pledging now. Call (612) 375-9030 or pledge online:pledge.

  • Join Glen Leslie for a special KFAI Record Sale Pledge Drive Edition of Jet Set Planet:node/94, the first Monday of Pledge Drive, April 13th from 10:30pm to midnight.

  • Many cities and neighborhoods across the nation are suffering from the ill effects of record levels of foreclosed and vacant homes. The city of Minneapolis is no stranger to this problem and is leading the charge to reclaim these properties with an innovative program that helps put responsible buyers into these properties.

  • House Democrats passed a budget resolution last week that projects to cut the $1.8 trillion dollar US deficit to $586 billion by 2013. 4th District Congresswoman Betty McCollum spoke to KFAI News Director Ahndi Fridell about the Budget resolution for fiscal year 2010, which begins October 1st.

  • Sri Lanka’s civil war is heating up as the government’s military closes in on the Tamil Tigers, a rebel group that supports a separate state for the minority Tamil population. Protestors at the Minnesota State Capitol last week called for a cease fire, saying the Sri Lankan military is committing genocide against innocent trapped Sri Lankan civilians.

  • Democratic candidate Al Franken expanded his lead in the five-month-old US Senate race. Franken’s lead over Republican Norm Coleman grew to 312 votes today after a court counted 351 absentee ballots that had been incorrectly rejected. Franken held a 225 vote lead heading into today’s count.

  • Is Hennepin Avenue a mean street? Mitch Pearlstein, founder and President of the Center of the American Experiment, a conservative policy organization, caused a minor outrage last week when he published an editorial in the Star Tribune.