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  • Last Saturday at the Minneapolis DFL Ward 4 convention, 160 delegates voted to endorse City council incumbent, Barb Johnson, to represent the DFL party in November’s election. After 11 ballots, Johnson defeated Troy Parker 63% to 34%. Another challenger, Marcus Harcus, dropped out of the endorsement process after the first ballot, but will continue to run for the City Council seat.

  • President Obama is signaling opposition to a highly popular measure to add a 90% tax on bonuses of big earners at financial institutions that benefit from a taxpayer bailout, according to the Associated Press. As a member of the House Financial Services Committee, Fifth District representative Keith Ellison was in the midst of the AIG slapdown on Capitol Hill last week.

  • The 6th anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War was marked by a rally at the State Capitol on Saturday. Protestors demanded that President Obama withdraw US troops from Afghanistan and Iraq immediately. The Obama administration has set a timetable to bring the troops back home, but for many people it isn’t soon enough. KFAI’s Annibal Preston reports.

  • Friday, April 3rd, KFAI’s MN Soundtrack Night at the 331 Club welcomes Sharp Teeth and The Brutes.

    As lead vocalist Erica Krumm’s mom puts it, “they rock a little hard”. Mom may be a bit succinct but right on the money. Bringing a bit of the grunge/garage rock back to Minneapolis, Sharp Teeth do indeed keep the song lengths to a minimum but not without adding a kick in the pants.

  • _Sufism is an ancient religious philosophy which, despite criticism from some modern orthodox Muslims, maintains a strong tie to its Islamic origins.

  • On April 1st, People’s Historian, Author of Voices of People’s History HOWARD ZINN with premier Twin Cities jazz vocalist PRUDENCE JOHNSON and Celebrity
    Readers of Zinn’s and Anthony Arnove’s VOICES OF THE PEOPLE’S HISTORY, including KFAI’s own <a


    WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25–11:00AM : MAJORA CARTER and Local Green Jobs Poverty Killers

  • Catfish Culture
    Spring is here! Fishing time is near.

    Down South, they snare catfish on their hooks. In the playful documentary ‘Catfish Culture,’ you’ll hear true and mythical stories about giant catfish. Stories like these:

    I caught a catfish that weighed 82 pounds.

    I caught a 75. I’ve been with boys that caught a 94.

  • Between August 1998 and December 1999, community and environmental activists tried to stop the reroute of Highway 55 in south Minneapolis in order to protect Coldwater Spring, a sacred water source, and oak trees that stood on parkland. Stop the Re-Route: Taking a Stand on Sacred Land is a documentary film about those events.

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  • March 19th marks the 6th anniversary of the war in Iraq. Anti-war protestors gather every Wednesday on the Lake Street and Marshall Avenue bridge between Minneapolis and St. Paul to call for an end to the occupation. These are their voices, recorded by KFAI’s Catherine Willman.