Recent News

  • House Democrats passed a budget resolution last week that projects to cut the $1.8 trillion dollar US deficit to $586 billion by 2013. 4th District Congresswoman Betty McCollum spoke to KFAI News Director Ahndi Fridell about the Budget resolution for fiscal year 2010, which begins October 1st.

  • Sri Lanka’s civil war is heating up as the government’s military closes in on the Tamil Tigers, a rebel group that supports a separate state for the minority Tamil population. Protestors at the Minnesota State Capitol last week called for a cease fire, saying the Sri Lankan military is committing genocide against innocent trapped Sri Lankan civilians.

  • Democratic candidate Al Franken expanded his lead in the five-month-old US Senate race. Franken’s lead over Republican Norm Coleman grew to 312 votes today after a court counted 351 absentee ballots that had been incorrectly rejected. Franken held a 225 vote lead heading into today’s count.

  • Is Hennepin Avenue a mean street? Mitch Pearlstein, founder and President of the Center of the American Experiment, a conservative policy organization, caused a minor outrage last week when he published an editorial in the Star Tribune.

  • As the budget battle at the State Capitol continues, tensions are rising and the rhetoric is escalating.

    A 200 million dollar bonding bill passed almost unanimously, but another measure which would have capped art spending for state buildings at 100,000 dollars sparked controversy. KFAI’s Marty Owings reports.


  • Recently, 40 instruments were donated to Anthony Middle School in Minneapolis as a part of a presentation hosted by Vega Productions, a local nonprofit that works to rebuild public school’s music programs. The presentation included a performance from Southwest High School band students.

  • 5th District Representative Keith Ellison left for a trade mission to Saudi Arabia with the Minnesota trade office and 11 Minnesota companies looking to expand business opportunities in the Gulf region.

  • On Saturday, Northeast Minneapolis community activist Kevin Reich easily won the DFL endorsement for the Ward 1 City Council seat, giving him a serious boost for the November runoff election. All four candidates vying for the seat live in the same precinct – an apparent hotbed of political activism in the Northeast corner of the City. KFAI’s Elena Erofeeva reports.

  • Minneapolis banjo player, songwriter, and champion of acoustic music, Mother Banjo, joins Pam on KFAI Tuesday morning to talk about her upcoming full-length release, and curating the John Prine showcase Friday, April 10th, at the 331 Club. Friday’s event will be the second annual Big Fat Love tribute to John Prine.

  • _The world descended on the Twin Cities’ Somali immigrant population last November. Long recognized as home to the largest concentration of Somalis in the United States, Minneapolis was portrayed as a breeding ground for young Somali men eager to trade their relatively comfortable, productive lives for the likelihood of a violent death on the bleak, dusty battlefields of East Africa.