Recent News

  • Secretary Of State Mark Ritchie, who is at the center of the longest election contest in Minnesota’s history, sat down to talk with KFAI Capitol Correspondent Marty Owings about the Coleman Franken contest, Minnesota’s election process, and the lessons of the past seven months.


  • The California Supreme Court’s recent decision to uphold last fall’s Proposition 8 referendum vote that limits the definition of marriage to be between a man and a woman has focused attention on the issue across the country. While gay marriage is gaining prominence and supporters in Minnesota, not everyone in the LGBT community agrees on its importance.

  • Domestic violence cases historically haven’t gotten much attention from the Minneapolis police until it is too late to help the victim. In the past year, the Minneapolis police department has been testing out a pilot program that changes how police investigate domestic violence cases…and they are seeing results. KFAI’s Will Wright reports.


  • For the next three Wednesdays, TruthToTell examines the dark and isolated world of local police culture and the nature of law enforcement in general. Here are the questions we have:

    •Why has this paramilitary subset of civil society grown so insular, more secretive and more rageful and violent?

  • Analog televisions across the country will no longer function without a converter box after Friday. Some people aren’t fully prepared for the switch and others aren’t even aware it is happening.

  • Once a person has gotten a foreclosure notice, there are still options – but those can be complicated to figure out and not very appealing. KFAI’s Anibal Prestan presents the final story in his series, “Soon to be Homeless: The Menace of Foreclosure.”


  • Representative Betty McCollum is a member of the House appropriations committee that is in the midst of making decisions about how to allocate federal money on about a dozen spending bills. Last week, administration officials from the Department of Education and Health tried to convince House members to support their spending priorities.

  • President Obama announced that he is creating 600,000 stimulus jobs in the areas of federal public works projects, schools and summer youth employment. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was on hand Sunday at American Indian Opportunities Industrialization Centers to hear how some of the stimulus dollars are being spent. KFAI’s Allison Herrera was there and has this report.


  • The morel is an elusive delicacy highly prized by those who hunt it when it’s in season. This funny-looking fungi appears in forested areas in Minnesota mainly in the month of May.

  • A message from Osama bin Laden broadcast on Al-Jazeera television last week blamed the US for the refugee crisis in Pakistan. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reports that U.S. envoy Richard Holbrooke rejected the blame. Holbrooke visited a refugee camp last Thursday, telling Pakistanis that the US can offer them aid, but not security. The U.S.