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  • Remember a time when you felt ready? In all likelihood there were many unknowns, change was occurring. Yet despite the pressure, or unexpected setbacks, you were inclined to do something: to take action! What would it be worth to you as a leader to heighten your — and your organization’s ability to deal with change more effectively, more consistently and more rapidly?

  • Singer-songwriter Pieta Brown will be on KFAI Tuesday, December 8, to talk about her new recording, Shimmer, just before she comes to the Cedar to play the songs live. Praise for her songwriting has come from such revered artists as Iris DeMent, who calls Pieta one of the best poets she’s heard in a long time.

  • A group of Twin Cities’ anti-war activists gathered at MayDay bookstore in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis Tuesday night. They were there to watch President Obama’s speech to West Point cadets calling for an increase of American troops. Afterwards, the activists had plenty to say about the escalation.


  • The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, otherwise known as TAPS, is a nationwide program that helps those that have suffered the loss of a family member who has served in the military. KFAI’s Roger Huelsnitz brings us information on TAPS: what they have to offer, and how people can utilize their services.


  • The United Nations Climate Change Conference begins next week in Copenhagen. Activists from around the world will attend to make their voices heard. As KFAI’s Robert O’Connor reports, three local activists who will be attending, spoke in downtown Minneapolis.


  • The KFAI Annual Membership Meeting takes place, Thursday, Dec. 3, 2009, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at the Walker Public Library, 2880 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55408-1957. KFAI’s Board of Directors will provide an overview of 2009 accomplishments, discuss plans for 2010 and answer questions from members, volunteers and community members. All are invited to attend.

  • Join long-distance host Colin Robinson for another all Liverpool music program on the Wave Project. Colin focuses on supergroups you’ve never heard of and girl bands, and reviews an amazing world of music and musicians that has emanated from Liverpool for fifty years. Don’t miss this special program of history and music, almost live from Liverpool, at 6 pm on December 6.

  • “When I walked through the door into the Alexandra House, the battered women shelter, I thought it was the end for me. I never imagined that I could leave that place going to my own home. I thought two things could happen; it was either deportation or death. I could feel death; I was just a walking corpse. But, I did not want to lose my son.

  • The Northwest Area Foundation recently conducted a poll showing statistics of how Americans are reacting to the economic recession. The survey asked 4,000 people, with 400 of those being from Minnesota, about how the recession is affecting them.

  • This week Minnesota is commemorating the 10th anniversary of the WTO protests in Seattle. Alicia Ranney, the director of the Minnesota Fair Trade Coalition:, spoke to KFAI’s Paulina Yanez about the historical importance of this march and trade policy today.