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  • In the final hours of the Legislative Session at the Capitol, Law Makers and the Governor continue to find themselves at a standoff. The Governor’s veto of General Assistance Medical Care and the Tax Bill prompted DFL Legislators to attempt two separate overrides yesterday. KFAI Capitol Correspondent Marty Owings has more on the story.


  • Americans have long been fascinated with the promise of the open road.

    Beginning in 1926, that metaphor for hope and unfulfilled dreams was Route 66, a highway that connected Chicago to the Pacific Ocean.

  • There’s something in the soil, in the turning of it, in the planting of seeds and watching them sprout and bloom with food and flowers for family, friends, and neighbors that attracts us in ever larger numbers. It brings together young and old, the low-income and affluent, as well as many other racially and economically diverse urban dwellers seeking better nutrition and self-confidence.

  • On Monday, Governor Pawlenty signed into law the “Ban the Box” bill, which prevents public employers from inquiring about an individual’s criminal record on job applications. The bill was supported unanimously by both Republicans and Democrats and passage of this legislation makes Minnesota the first state to adopt a statewide “Ban the Box” law.

  • Ken Pentel has been a driving force behind the Green Party in Minnesota. He has also been a candidate for Governor of the State. But, now, he is starting his own political movement. KFAI’s Elena Erofeeva has the story.


  • A family travels halfway across the world to get help for their son’s rare genetic disorder. But, as KFAI’s Sara Abdelaal explains, they may not get the kind of help they want.


  • If you have been contemplating getting that old bike out of your garage to ride it more this year, Thursday is a great day to start. It is Walk or Ride to Work Day: in the Twin Cities!


  • Although the swine flu virus story has died in the news, St. Paul Congresswoman Betty McCollum tells KFAI’s Michelle Alimoradi that it is still important for the federal government to fight the spread of the H1N1 flu strain in the United States.


  • Tune in Sunday, May 17th for Womenfolk’s 2009 Summer Preview Special, highlighting the region’s best festivals and events. In addition to the great music and new releases, we’ll also give away several pairs of tickets and festival passes. Don’t miss this insider’s guide to the season’s hottest events…It all starts at 11 a.m. this Sunday!

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  • The last few days of the Legislative session have brought a stalemate at the Capitol. As lawmakers and the Governor wrangle over tax increases, one legislator is saying it’s time to get honest with the people of Minnesota. KFAI Capitol Correspondent Marty Owings brings us the story.