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  • The Minnesota Legislature will take up a collection of thorny issues next year but there is good news too – a projected state budget surplus.
    With DFL control of both legislative bodies and the Governor’s office, Democrats have an opportunity to dictate what happens next if they can agree on their top priorities. Ken Martin is the DFL’s party chair. He talked with Paul Brohaugh on the Morning Blend, and the conversation started with with Martin’s reaction to an announcement that the state Republican party will move its offices to the DFL-dominated inner-city Seward neighborhood in Minneapolis.

  • Join Glen Leslie in the Fab Four(th) Dimension, this Friday night at 9, as he celebrates 90 minutes of Beatles covers by washed-up Easy Listening hacks and wannabes. Stiff, soul-stripping music from deep within the Higher-Than-Fi universe. It happens on Jet Set Planet, Friday, December 13th, from 9:00 to 10:30pm.

    It's gonna be a hard days nightmare.

    Be there, Aloha

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  • It’s the return of the Singing Tigers!

    Please join us on Friday, December 13, 2013, 4pm, as the South High Pop Singers fill the studio with exuberance and song. There’s nothing like a room full of singing tigers to brighten up a dark December Friday afternoon, and we’re letting them loose on The Sugar Shop for all to hear. Wear your orange and black and get ready for a great bunch of kids to delight you with their best.

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  • This weeks True Brit! will feature MN singer songwriter, Tim Cheesebrow!

  • An American citizen who graduated from the University of Minnesota is being held in prison in the United Arab Emirates for doing something that seems inconsequential in the United States – Shez Cassim posted a satirical video to You Tube. For that act, he’s been in jail since last April.
    KFAI’s Christina Cerruti reports that Cassim’s family and Human Rights activists have called for his release, citing human rights treaties adopted by the United Nations.

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  • The Republican Party of Minnesota will relocate to a new headquarters in Minneapolis. The party announced it’s moving from an office near the state capitol complex in St. Paul to the Seward neighborhood at 2200 East Franklin Avenue. The move was influenced by a desire to save money, and to bring the party’s offices from an area ‘inside the political beltway’ to an area closer to “regular Minnesotans.” Keith Downey is the chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota. He talked with KFAI’s Ron Thums on the Morning Blend.

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  • Health Notes will air a two part series, Dec 9th and 16th with teacher Dick Larson.

    These times are difficult and confusing. The world seems in turmoil. Educator and counselor, Dick Larson provides information that helps explain our rapidly changing reality. He will help us to understand how the qualities of the New Age are impacting our lives and our world.

    He directly challenges the millennial gloom and doom so prevalent now with a fresh new hypotheisis: a message concerning the arrival of a great teacher who will inspire us to create a future of peace, justice and cooperation.

    Health Notes Airs Mondays – 6:30-7:30PM


  • It has been one month since Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines.
    The humanitarian crisis there continues even though the story has largely disappeared from the headlines of American newscasts. One local organization involved in relief efforts in the Philippines is the American Refugee Committee.

  • The holiday season is a time for great cheer, but it’s also a time of great risk. Thieves thrive in an environment where people are spending lots of money, and robbery is not uncommon at this time of year. It pays to be on the vigilant side.

  • This Thursday, Fernando Meza, Chair of the Percussion program at the University of Minnesota, comes to Encuentro to share with us in a journey around the world through an instrument that lives in many cultures: the marimba.  This instrument has a rich history and tradition in many countries, in and beyond Latin America, and, in some, it has even been declared as the national instrument.