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  • In an open letter to the community, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges acknowledged that some of the city's police officers have abused their power, and she promised to repair the department’s reputation as a cornerstone of her administration.

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  • When buying gas for your car, you tend to get a sense for the price of oil.  We all know when it rises and falls and many of us have an understanding of the environmental cost of burning oil too.

    But what does it cost, financially, emotionally and socially, to inherit oil? 

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  • Mayor Betsy Hodges and Chief of Police Janeé Harteau granted first joint interview since the controversy over the cancelled community meeting, to  KFAI's  Health Notes. The interview will air on Monday, October 6, 2014 from 6:30-7:30 p.m.

  • …no—local singer-songwriter and poet Ben Weaver is not "the ugly"! He's providing the positive balance to the yin-and-yang thing happening on KFAI Monday, October 6th as Pam hosts Monday morning one last time. In the spirit of both sides of life, she'll kick off the morning with a set of bad decisions in song, featuring requests from listeners and her own "poor" choices.

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  • Several weeks ago, Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau pulled out of a planned public forum that called to discuss issues that surround policing in the city.

    At the time, the chief said her decision to withdraw was a reaction to a credible threat posted on social media by some who were planning to incite violence at the meeting.

  • The recent news that a patient at a Dallas hospital has the Ebola virus has caused a stir in the United States.  But for many Americans, Ebola has already hit very close to home.

    Decontee Kofa Sawyer of Coon Rapids, Minnesota, lost her husband to the disease.   Patrick Sawyer was working as a diplomat in Liberia.  He collapsed after getting off a plane in Lagos, Nigeria, where he was scheduled to attend a conference before returning to Minnesota to celebrate two of his three daughters’ birthdays.

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  • Minneapolis native and former NBA player, Devean George, is giving the North side of his hometown a boost at the corner of Penn Avenue North and Golden Valley Road. 

    A new neighborhood revitalization project called The Commons at Penn Avenue had its official groundbreaking earlier this week.

    KFAI’s Rico Morales was there and he filed this report. 

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  • We had a goal of $70,000 this fall pledge drive, an amount which will help us meet our budget requirements for the next few months. YOU reached it! And then beat it! And then kept calling! And giving on-line! We cannot thank you enough for listening, supporting, recognizing the value of community radio and helping maintain this space for unique, authentic programming from the heart.

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  • Not all artists are loners. Minneapolis-based collage artist, Zach Collins, can tell you that. He thrives when he is able to collaborate on his artwork and he invites the chance and surprise that working with others provides. 

    Collage, the cut and paste style of art we tried in elementary school, is a serious, growing medium. Collins has a number of gallery shows on his portfolio, and networks of collage communities are springing up on social media. 

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    The City of Minneapolis is looking for three people to serve on its Civil Rights Commission, and four people to serve on its Police Conduct Oversight Commission.

    Applications are being taken now.  you can find out more online at the city's website, or by calling 612-673-2244.

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