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  • Each week, KFAI’s Cinema Shanty considers a current film that will screen in the Twin Cities. Join Peter Schilling and Kathie Smith as they discuss the most engaging and provocative cinema being produced today.
    This week, Kathie and guest host John Moret talk about the new Coen Brothers film, “Inside Llewyn Davis,” playing at the Uptown Theater.

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  • Eyenga Bokamba has been appointed Director of Sprockets – a St. Paul collaboration between the city, the school district and a host of community organizations to provide summer and after-school programs for young people in the city.
    Bokamba is an experienced educator who most recently was the Youth Programs Manager at Pillsbury House in Minneapolis. She has also worked as a teacher, spending thirteen years in the Hopkins district.
    She talked with KFAI’s Paul Brohaugh, who asked why it’s important to support summertime and after-school programs.

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  • “Never the Sinner” is a play based on true events and examines the crime of the century; “Orpheus Descending” is a play about passion where history is never forgotten, mistakes never forgiven, and strangers never accepted and “Leaves of Grass – Uncut” is a performance piece about poet Walt Whitman’s battle with censorship and presenting his work openly.

  • A major study of autism in Minnesota was released this week. Researchers found that Somali and White children in Minneapolis were about equally likely to be identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder, also known as ASD. But those two groups were more likely to have ASD than Latino children or non-Somali Black children. The results provide some vindication for Somali people who have said autism is a serious problem in their community.
    Amira Adawe is one of the researchers who worked on the study, and Amy Hewitt is the study’s primary investigator. They talked with KFAI’s Mike Fischbein, who asked if it’s accurate to say that the question raises more questions than it answers.

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  • Womenfolk’s “Songs of Winter” special on 12/17 featuring an interview with Heather Masse.

  • Womenfolk’s “Songs of Winter” special on 12/17 featuring an interview with Heather Masse.

  • Womenfolk’s “Songs of Winter” special on 12/17 featuring an interview with Heather Masse.

  • KFAI was selected to receive the 7 a.m. $1,000 Golden Ticket during Give to the Max Day 2013!

    KFAI is grateful to GiveMN and our many donors who helped us raise nearly $7,000,” said KFAI Executive Director Dr. Willie Dean. The funds will be used for general operations of the station.

    This year over 52,000 donors generously gave $17.1 million for general support of nonprofits across Minnesota.

    Photo above (left to right): Dana Nelson, GiveMN Executive Director; Dr. Willie Dean, KFAI Executive Director; and Cyndi Lesher, GiveMN Board of Directors Vice Chair.

  • These times are difficult and confusing. The world seems in turmoil. Educator and counselor, Dick Larson provides information that helps explain our rapidly changing reality. He will help us to understand how the qualities of the New Age are impacting our lives and our world.

    He directly challenges the millennial gloom and doom so prevalent now with a fresh new hypothesis: a message concerning the arrival of a great teacher who will inspire us to create a future of peace, justice and cooperation.

    Health Notes airs on Mondays 6:30-7:30PM

  • Alec Fisher and Gabe Aderhold are University of Minnesota students who are pushing for legislation in Minnesota to ban the use of so-called “ex-gay therapy.”
    Their petition has more than 90 thousand signatures at change dot org, and State Representative Karen Clark has indicated she will introduce a bill on this issue in next year’s legislature.