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  • On this weeks True Brit!, host Simon Husbands will be welcoming musicians Chris Perricelli and Eric Tretbar to the studio! Chris and Eric will be performing with their respective bands at the March 4th show at the 331 Club in celebration of the release 10 years ago of Chris' band LITTLE MAN's album SOULFUL AUTOMATIC – and so here's a chance to find out all about it!

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    Join Laura Waterman Wittstock and Roy Taylor as they talk with Joy Rivera, Seneka Nation Haudenosaunee, Snipe Clan. She is the Community Education Specialist for the American Indian Cancer Foundation in Minneapolis. The Foundation has a new program called Refer-A-Relative, which she will describe and she has new information about  Colon Cancer Month which begins in March. 
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  • Remembering Matthew Little will be featured on Health Notes, Monday, Feb 20th at 6:30pm  and Tuesday during Black History Month programming at 1:00pm.

  • Local singer-songwriter Mayyadda had a moment when she knew she had to give music a shot. Coming out of her senior year, she knew that her immigrant mother had done everything she could to get her ahead in life. But as she watched school friends go off to jobs in finance, she knew it wasn't what her soul needed. So, she started recording—and we're better off for it.

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  • The Affordable Care Act is an effort to provide Health Care coverage to millions of previously uninsured people in the U.S. The newly elected President, Donald Trump, and other legislators say they want to eliminate and replace this plan. In Minnesota, one State Senator is pushing an idea that would create an entirely different approach to health care.  
  • When people fled Somalia during the civil war that started more than 25 years ago, art was something they had to leave behind.  But the artists fled with everyone else, and those artists continued to create in their new lands.

    One of those artists lives here in Minnesota – his name is Hassan Noor.  

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  • Join Laura Waterman Wittstock, Roy Taylor  and John Kane (Mohawk) on Wednesday February 15, 2017 for a lively discussion of politics and updates on what is happening with the pipeline and the water protectors. John hosts two weekly radio shows. "Let's Talk Native…with John Kane" – now in its seventh year – streams online at 
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  • Illusion Theater in Minneapolis is staging a new play called Miranda.  Playwright James Still brings audiences inside the world of a CIA operative working in Yemen.  

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  • When Dawn Morningstar heard the Dalai Lama’s prediction—“The world will be saved by the Western woman”—her heart was immediately enlisted to help make his words come true. Her own painful beginning had set her on a quest to find ways for women (herself included) to lead fulfilling lives and, in turn, affect positive transformation in the world.

  • Fresh Air Community Radio celebrated Black History Month with special programming on Tuesday, February 21st.  We presented eighteen hours of music, documentaries, storytelling and spoken word – art and conversation that reveal and celebrate significant events in Black History.