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  • Can you name this tune?
    “Fish don’t fry in the kitchen. Beans don’t burn on the grill. Took a whole lot of tryin’ just to fix up that meal”
    Well… help just arrived… Chelles’ Kitchen, LLC… put down those pots and pans… Shero to the rescue

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  • Our Savior’s Community Services is sponsoring a “Beer For A Better World” gathering at Harriet Brewing in Minneapolis.
    Kathleen Olsen appeared on KFAI’s Morning Blend.

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  • Safia Ahmed is a Registered Nurse in Toronto. As a volunteer for the Twin Cities based American Refugee Committee, Ahmed has assisted in saving lives at a hospital in Mogadishu and has raised 70 thousand dollars to support the hospital’s maternity ward.
    On a recent visit to Minnesota, Safia Ahmed told KFAI’s Kirk Mattson about her journey from her birthplace in Somalia, to India where she was educated as an accountant, to Canada and then eventually back to Somalia. The seeds of her homecoming were planted as she watched television coverage of the humanitarian crisis in Somalia.

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    Minneapolis will elect a city council this fall.  This time around, some of the incumbents have faced strong challenges from newcomers.  In the city’s sixth ward, Abdi Warsame took the DFL endorsement from sitting council member Robert Lilligren, who has said he will still run for the office.

    Abdi Warsame talked with KFAI’s Lennie Chism about why he is running for City Council.

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  • A new exhibit at Juxtaposition Arts in Minneapolis is called “Question Bridge – Black Males.” It’s a video installation that threads together fifteen hundred conversations with Black men across the United States in an attempt to create more complex, multi-faceted, and whole images and narratives of Black males.

    Roger Cummings is the Juxtaposition Arts Artistic Director. Nate Young is a multi-media artist and Juxtaposition’s Gallery and Contemporary Art Director, and Chris Johnson is one of the creators of Question Bridge. They visited KFAI’s Morning Blend to talk with Brenda Bell Brown and Yvette Howie.

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  • KFAI DJs will be on the scene at Art-A-Whirl this weekend, spinning on Friday and Saturday at the Silent Auction Gallery #332 of the Northrup King Building. Explore the amazing art and meet some of your favorite KFAI programmers.

    FRIDAY, MAY 17
    5 – 6:30pm: Jacquie Maddix “Lady J” / Rollin’ and Tumblin’
    6:30 – 8pm: DJ Steely / Kinda Cloudy Radio
    8 – 9pm: Sarah Lageson / House Party
    9 – 10pm: Mick & Tom Novak / Louisiana Rhythms & This Little Girl’s Gone Rockin’


    noon – 1:30pm: Brad Wrolstad / African Rhythms
    1:30 – 3pm: Liberty Finch / The Pop Shop
    3 – 4:30pm: Miguel Vargas / Radio Pocho
    4:30 – 6pm: Old School Bob & Nu Skool Katey / Fused Funk
    6 – 7pm: Glen Leslie / Jet Set Planet
    7 – 8pm: Mason Butler & Ben Heath / Below the Waste

  • The Twin Cities has long been regarded as one of the country’s most livable places, thanks to its clean air, strong economy, and vibrant arts scene. It’s also a place where trumpeting these virtues is somewhat frowned upon. But for the founder and editor of Thirty Two Magazine, the Twin Cities doesn’t have as much national clout as it deserves. Last summer, not too long after moving here from Europe, Katie Eggers launched her magazine as a way to get Minnesotans to think more deeply about our local and regional cultural relevance.
    Thirty Two Magazine breaks with the conventional wisdom that guides new publications in yet another way – its readers are encouraged to receive it and read it … on paper. Katie Eggers talked with KFAI’s Peggah Navab about what it means to run a brand-new print magazine in an online media world.

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  • Playwright Jeffrey Hatcher has written a play named “Faith,” based on an obscure work by the famous English novelist Charles Dickens. The play will get a staged reading a the Music Box Theater in Minneapolis, featuring Dickens’ great-great-grandson, Gerald.

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  • Comedy star Mary Mack was born in Minnesota. She’s back to perform at Acme Comedy Club and Art-a-Whirl. She talked with KFAI’s Cyn Collins.

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  • The Minnesota Senate has approved a bill that will allow same-sex marriage in Minnesota. The final vote was 37 to 30.

    With the approval that came in the House of Representatives last week, the legislative work is now done and the bill will become law with Governor Mark Dayton’s signature.

    KFAI’s Christina Cerruti and Dixie Triechel were at the capitol as the Senate debated and people on both sides of the issue gathered around.

    We’ll hear some of the voices from yesterday afternoon, starting with the bill’s Senate author, Senator Scott Dibble of Minneapolis.

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