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  • Former Hennepin County Commissiner and current head of the Minneapolis Downtown Council Mark Stenglein talks with KFAI’s Terry Carter.

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  • From calls to prayer… to reciting scripture… to church hymns… much of religious practice is centered around sound and the spoken word.
    But people who can’t hear may feel cut off from fully accessing their religious communities.
    The organization Global Deaf Muslim is trying to make it easier for Deaf members of the Twin Cities’ Muslim community to participate in religious activities.

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  • The Minnesota State Fair begins this Thursday.
    For each of the past nine years the State Fair Foundation has produced a piece of original poster art to commemorate the fair – and this year’s artist is Joe Heffron.

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  • Summer is a difficult time for food shelves around Minnesota. Donations drop off as busy people take advantage of warm weather and vacation season.
    But the needs of our least fortunate neighbors don’t go away just because everyone else is on holiday, so this week Minnesota Foodshare is writing checks to food shelves around the state to help them get through the summer.
    Sara Nelson-Pallmeyer is the Director of Minnesota Foodshare. She talked with KFAI’s Michael Fischbein, who asked how much money is being distributed to food shelves, and where does it come from?

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  • A conversation with 5th District Congressman Keith Ellison about the November 6th contest against Republican Chris Fields.

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  • During the summer of 2012 students in KFAI’s Youth News Initiative program produced radio pieces about stories important to them. The topics ranged from stop and frisk policies in Minneapolis to a male perspective on abortion. Students produced their pieces with the help of YNI supervisors Dale Connelly and Emily Krumberger and their individual mentors.

  • Erin Parrish became Executive Director of the Minnesota Women’s Consortium on August 1st.

    The Consortium is a statewide association connecting over 150 organizations that work in various ways on behalf of women and girls.

    Groups in the consortium include labor unions, health care providers, arts groups, advocacy organizations for racial minorities and plenty of others.

    KFAI’s Bob Hines and Michelle Alimoradi asked Erin Parrish how such a different range of groups can work together.

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  • Somalia’s Olympic team is two people strong, and it has backing from around the world – including Minnesota.

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  • Amy Fields and Joe Bove are board members with the North East Investment Cooperative.
    They’re organizing a development cooperative to fund projects along Central Avenue in Northeast Minneapolis. They talked with KFAI’s Bob Hines.

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  • Three year old Terrell Mayes was killed by a random gunshot in December of 2011.
    His family is still looking for closure, and his mother Marsha Mayes has become an advocate for confronting violence among young Minnesotans.
    Marsha Mayes and national Mad Dads president V.J. Smith appeared on the KFAI Weekly News, to talk about their shared goals.

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