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  • The Twin Cities has long been regarded as one of the country’s most livable places, thanks to its clean air, strong economy, and vibrant arts scene. It’s also a place where trumpeting these virtues is somewhat frowned upon. But for the founder and editor of Thirty Two Magazine, the Twin Cities doesn’t have as much national clout as it deserves. Last summer, not too long after moving here from Europe, Katie Eggers launched her magazine as a way to get Minnesotans to think more deeply about our local and regional cultural relevance.
    Thirty Two Magazine breaks with the conventional wisdom that guides new publications in yet another way – its readers are encouraged to receive it and read it … on paper. Katie Eggers talked with KFAI’s Peggah Navab about what it means to run a brand-new print magazine in an online media world.

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  • Playwright Jeffrey Hatcher has written a play named “Faith,” based on an obscure work by the famous English novelist Charles Dickens. The play will get a staged reading a the Music Box Theater in Minneapolis, featuring Dickens’ great-great-grandson, Gerald.

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  • Comedy star Mary Mack was born in Minnesota. She’s back to perform at Acme Comedy Club and Art-a-Whirl. She talked with KFAI’s Cyn Collins.

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  • The Minnesota Senate has approved a bill that will allow same-sex marriage in Minnesota. The final vote was 37 to 30.

    With the approval that came in the House of Representatives last week, the legislative work is now done and the bill will become law with Governor Mark Dayton’s signature.

    KFAI’s Christina Cerruti and Dixie Triechel were at the capitol as the Senate debated and people on both sides of the issue gathered around.

    We’ll hear some of the voices from yesterday afternoon, starting with the bill’s Senate author, Senator Scott Dibble of Minneapolis.

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  • With the slow but sure progress we’ve made towards warmer weather, a lot of outdoor activities are finally getting started.

    “Community Sing” is one of those communal events. The group gathers regularly and welcomes all comers in mass singing event. The first one of the season is Saturday, May 18th at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis.

    Betty Tisel and Bret Hesla are part of Community Sing. They talked with Terry Carter and Ron Thums on KFAI’s Morning Blend.

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  • The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority has unveiled its design for a new Vikings stadium in downtown Minneapolis.

    The Star Tribune reports that new building will be nearly twice the size of the Metrodome, with an asymmetrical shape that mimics the prow of a ship or a jagged iceberg.

    The building facade will be made of metal panels and a glazed glass curtain wall. A walkway will surround the stadium, leading fans to and from stadium gates.

    Five 95-foot-tall pivoting glass doors at concourse level will allow fans to enter and exit a plaza that’s more than 2 acres in size just outside the stadium.

    The design by HKS Architects skips the much-discussed idea of a retractable cover in favor of a transparent glass-like polymer that will make up the south facing section of the stadium roof.

    KFAI’s Christina Cerruti talked about the plans with city officials, desginers and Vikings fans who attended the event.

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  • North Dakota’s oil boom has made lots of people rich, including workers. Many people are buying new toys: pickups, boats and the like. But one woman is spending her oil field cash on a budding Minneapolis music career. KFAI’s Todd Melby has the story.

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  • This year’s Art-a-Whirl in Northeast Minneapolis will feature a 9 foot tall sculptural work called “Ode to Gluten”. The creator of the sculpture is two-time Minnesota Art Teacher of the Year Barbara Bridges. Mentored by Women’s Art Resources of Minnesota (WARM), Bridges took on the project with the intention of staring a conversation about wheat – its past, present and future role in our diet.

    She talked with KFAI’s Dale Connelly.

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  • KFAI’s Morning Blend presented a collection of opinions on the marriage bill approved on Thursday by the Minnesota House. Christina Cerruti talked with people outside the House Chamber.

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  • Best Academy in Minneapolis is an award winning charter school educating African American boys in kindergarten through 8th grade. Last week the school received a ten thousand dollar prize from a group called the Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color – a Chicago-based organization that promotes solutions to the racial achievement gap nationwide.
    Best Academy is having a celebration of its successes later today at the Heritage Park YMCA at 1015 4th Avenue North in Minneapolis.
    The school’s CEO, Eric Mahmoud was added to the National Public Charter Schools Hall of Fame last summer. He’s been called “a rock-star educator.” Eric Mahmoud talked with KFAI’s Bob Hines, who asked what he thought was the greatest success he’s seen at Best Academy.

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