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  • Nobel Peace Prize nominee and author Dr. Hawa Abdi was in Minneapolis at the beginning of April as part of her national book tour for Keeping Hope Alive- a memoir about her life and work in Somalia. Named the Mother Theresa of Somalia, she has offered shelter and aid to thousands in her country since civil war began in Somalia in 1991. KFAI’s Christina Cerruti has this report.

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  • The KFAI Board of Directors announces its search for a new Executive Director. Please follow the link to see a full position profile and details. The deadline for submitting resumes is Monday, May 13th, 2013. This is a wonderful opportunity for the right person to lead KFAI into the future and make a real difference in our community. Please feel free to distribute this position announcement throughout your networks. We will keep the community informed as to our progress with the search. We hope to have a new Executive Director on board in June.

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  • The city of St. Paul has several large parcels of land in transition right now. Among them is the Ford Plant location in the Highland Park neighborhood on the banks of the Mississippi River, the former Dayton’s and Macy’s department store building downtown; the 3M property on the city’s east side and also the Hamm’s brewery location. Cecile Bedor is St. Paul’s Planning and Economic Development Director, she talked with Dale Connelly in The Morning Blend.

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  • This week on MinneCulture, KFAI producer Britt Amodt talks with historian Rhoda Gilman, Pam Brunfelt and Peter Rachleff.

    At the turn of the last century, Minnesota’s Iron Range was a cauldron of ethnicities and languages. From 1892 to 1914, more than 40 different ethnic groups immigrated there from the Old World, converging on one of the richest iron lodes in history.

    In 1907, a large-scale labor strike erupted on the Mesabi Range, led primarily by immigrant Finns. The strike raised questions about whether laborers had the right to strike for liveable wages, eight-hour work days and fair work practices. Though ultimately unsuccessful, the strike broke down cultural barriers and united miners under the common banner of organized labor.

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  • The east side of Saint Paul is a self-described “area in transition.” In the mid-century, it was a hub for industry. Hamms brewery, Whirlpool and the 3M plant were all located there and supported thousands of blue collar jobs. But today, those businesses have closed down, and the area is in the process of re-branding itself as up-and-coming. KFAI’s Jemma Brown headed across town to explore St. Paul’s east side for herself.

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  • Tune into MinneCulture on Wednesday, April 24, at 7:30pm to hear a captivating audio documentary by Susan Gray. Second Chances: The Story of Fergus Falls State Hospital explores the history of a Minnesota landmark, and why a place on the National Register of Historic Places may not save it from demolition.

    In the late 19th century, insane asylums were built across the country in response to a national outcry over the treatment of the mentally ill. More than 75 asylums were designed using Dr. Thomas Kirkbride’s Moral Treatment Plan, which claimed that mental ailments could be alleviated with beautiful architecture and serene landscaping. The former State Hospital in Fergus Falls is one of the few remaining intact Kirbride hospitals in the country. Re-named the Regional Treatment Center in 1985, the building is destined for the wrecking ball if a developer is not soon found. KFAI producer Susan Gray spoke with preservation supporters to learn about the building’s historical significance to Fergus Falls, and the treatment of people with mental illness.

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  • Tuesday night, April 16 will mark a beginning for the 2013 political process as precinct caucuses are held and candidates are considered for party endorsement.
    In Minneapolis, six DFL’ers hope to get the party’s nod for the office of Mayor.
    KFAI talked with each candidate on The Morning Blend.

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  • KFAI’s Jemma Brown talks with Andy Sturdevant, who writes a column called “The Stroll” for Minn Post.

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