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  • The Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women is launching a statewide awareness campaign to call attention to domestic violence in the state.
    The effort is called “Live Violence Free,” and it uses a flag as a symbol of the effort to reduce violence in our communities.

    Liz Richards is the Executive Director of the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women. She stopped by KFAI and talked with Yvette Howie, who asked how the flag campaign works.

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  • The Federal Government shutdown is the result of an argument between Republicans and Democrats in Washington. A small group of Republican House members insists on linking a continuing resolution to fund the government to their desire to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare.” The president and Democratic leaders will not bargain with the health care law, and are pressing Republicans to pass what they call a “clean” budget resolution so government operations can continue.

    This struggle is also connected to a showdown over the federal debt ceiling, which needs to be raised to keep the government from defaulting on its financial obligations.

    Congressman Keith Ellison represents Minnesota’s 5th District. He talked about the dispute with KFAI’s Yvette Howie.

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  • More than 700 professional and amateur racquetball players in the Twin Cities for the United Health Care U.S. Open Championships. The event is billed as the most prestigious tournament in professional racquetball, and it offers the players more than 65 thousand dollars in prize money.

    At the same time the tournament is expected to bring 4 million dollars into the region in terms of economic impact. The games are played at Target Center in downtown Minneapolis. From the semi-finals on out the key matches for men and women will happen in a Lucite see-through court surrounded by up to one thousand spectators.

    Jose Rojas is the number four rated racquetball player in the world. He talked with KFAI’s Paul Brohaugh about the Championships, and the world’s number one player, Kane Wasenlenchuk.

    Rojas recently defeated Wasenlenchuk, and Paul asked him how he did it.

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  • The City of Minneapolis is looking for get-out-the-vote and voter education help from people who like to make short videos. Anissa Hollinshead and Rebecca Nguyen are with the City Clerk’s office. They stopped by KFAI and talked to Paul Brohaugh about the effort to inspire voters for the November 5th election.

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  • Travel around St Paul and you’ll notice that some of the streets have two names—one that appears on maps, and a second, co-street name that honors an individual. Katie McWatt Avenue, Raskas Road, William Mahoney Street—these caught the eye of KFAI producer Bobbie Scott.

    Tune into MinneCulture tonight at 7:30pm to hear some of the stories behind the street names; from an African-American woman and civil rights activist, to a local rabbi involved with national issues, to a labor activist who became the mayor of St Paul during the Depression.

    MinneCulture is made possible by a grant from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

  • Andy Sturdevant is a local artist and writer who has long been fascinated by the latticework of alleys crisscrossing Minneapolis. He has put together an exhibit called “Alley Atlas,” which will open later this month at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

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  • Natalie Warren is part of an 11 person expedition paddling the length of the Mississippi River. We check in with her on Wednesday mornings on The Morning Blend. She and her crew expect to arrive in New Orleans in late November or early December.
    You can follow the trip online at Paddle 4 ward dot com.

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  • Gregg Iverson describes himself as a retired MN DOT employee who has been in public service his entire life. He served in Viet Nam and taught school. He talked with KFAI’s Dale Connelly, who asked Iverson why he wants to be Mayor of Minneapolis.

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  • Jeffrey Wagner has created a stir with a You Tube video that depicts him walking out of a Minneapolis lake to challenge the status quo.
    Wagner stopped by the KFAI studios and talked to Aaron Westendorp, who asked the candidate why he wants to be mayor.

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  • The Cedar Riverside neighborhood in Minneapolis has seen more than a few national and international journalists this week – all of them drawn to the area to explore any possible connections between the terrorist attack in Kenya and the local Somali community.
    Representatives from Ka Joog, a local non-profit dedicated to the enrichment of Somali youth, gathered at the Southern Theater to discuss their work, and to address concerns about potential recruitment of young people by extremist groups.
    KFAI’s Maggie Kane was there, and has a report.

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