General Announcements

  • Wizard of Oz fans were saddened this week to learn of the death of former Munchkin Karl Slover. Mr. Slover was 93 years old and traveled the world entertaining children at Wizard of Oz conventions. He attended 8 Judy Garland Festivals in Grand Rapids, Minnesota after receiving a warm welcome at the Grand Munchkin Reunion in 1990.

  • The Minnesota Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, (CAIR-MN) is asking for access to public records about the training of local, state and national law enforcement personnel. The group is asking local police departments, the U.S.

  • Protest movements are popping up all over the world from the Tea Party uprising to Occupy Wall Street encampments – each group with a political and social agenda to push.

  • It’s flu season. The economic toll of viral illness is almost as great as the human one. One recent estimate suggested that annual influenza epidemics impose a national economic burden of over $87 billion dollars. Many people were surprised to learn a few weeks ago that as vaccines go, the flu shot that some get every year is not 100 percent effective.

  • A Minnesota based group has proudced a report that claims the chemical BPA has been found in several different kinds of canned foods frequently used to prepare meals at Thanksgiving.

  • By Allison Herrera

    This week marks the 149th anniversary of the forced march of Dakota, men, women and children from the Upper Sioux agency in the Minnesota River valley to Fort Snelling.

  • Story by Nancy Sartor

    Savage Umbrella is a local theater company, established in 2007. This nomadic troupe has performed at Bryant Lake Bowl, the Playwright’s Center and at the annual Fringe Festival. For the next two weekends the company is in residence at a local historic landmark that hasn’t been in operation for nearly 25 years.

  • Story by Allison Osberg

    With the changing seasons and the first few flakes of snow, artists who look for inspiration outside now turn their attention to opportunities indoors. Fortunately for them, the Bell Museum of Natural History offers a sketch night where nature can be observed from the comfort of a cozy room.
    KFAI’s Allison Osberg went to the museum and filed this report.

  • Story by Eric Blom

    A group of Occupy Minnesota protesters took up new positions at a Minneapolis home last night. This move signals a change in tactics for at least part of the group that has been demonstrating in the plaza between the Hennepin County Government Center and Minneapolis City Hall since early October.

  • Story by Mike Fischbein

    We all know how hard it is to find a job in today’s economy. And yet businesses that do construction are often required to offer opportunities for groups that are under-represented in the industry. Before that can happen, people need training.