KFAI Bylaws ratification vote is underway; applications for Board candidates sought

Ratification vote on proposed changes to KFAI's Bylaws: A vote by volunteers to ratify recent Board-proposed Bylaws changes has begun, with ballots and helpful summaries of changes available at the KFAI studios. Qualified KFAI volunteers -- those who have volunteered a total of nine hours of their time over the three-month period of July-Sept. -- are asked to participate. As the ratification of Bylaws changes requires a large, fixed quorum of active volunteers it is important that every qualified person votes.

Paper ballots have been distributed to all KFAI program mailboxes, with additional ballots for Front Desk assistants, Democracy Now engineers and other frequent volunteers. Additionally, a convenient online ballot can be found HERE. Concise, easy-to-read documentation is linked to the online ballot for your convenience.

Candidate applications sought for 2018 Board elections: Elections to the KFAI Board of Directors will be occuring in mid-November, and the search for candidates have begun. We expect 2019 to be an action-packed year for KFAI Community Radio, and we will need talented, hard-working people on the Board to make it all happen. You can fill out a convenient online application HERE. Or go to kfai.org/elections to download and print out a physical form. Paper applications should be returned to the Board mailbox (#90) at KFAI.

The deadline for submitting applications is Wednesday, Nov. 14.

Please email board@kfai.org with any questions you have. Let's do this thing!

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