Keeping Traditions Alive with Hmong Storytelling


One thing many immigrant cultures struggle with is keeping their oral histories and traditions active across generations. This weekend, St. Paul’s Hmong Museum is teaming up with the Minnesota Museum of American Art to work on reviving Hmong storytelling. The museum’s Hmong storytelling series pairs Hmong community elders with young artists, connecting cultural traditions with modern artistry. This Sunday, July 17 at 1 pm, artist Tou Saiko Lee and his grandmother Zuag Tsab will combine traditional folk tales in Hmong with contemporary spoken word, with coreographed dance by Russ Ly and Kao Nou Moua.

The Minnnesot Museum of American Art’s Mai Vang and Christopher Atkins stopped by the Monday Morning Blend and spoke with Xan Holston about preserving culture and what is at stake for both of the museums and communities.

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