"Sex & Broadcasting" Celebrates the Quirky Personality of Community Radio

WFMU could be referred to as KFAI’s wild-child sibling in the sprawling family of American radio stations. Since the 1996 Telecommunications Act, radio in the U.S. has faced major corporate consolidation and has adopted an increasingly predictable sound.  But as a “freeform” New Jersey community radio station, WFMU has remained 100% listener-supported, independent, and outrageous.   

In the documentary film “Sex and Broadcasting”, Director Tim K. Smith, puts the preserverance and personality of WFMU on display.  The film was shown on June 8th at the Trylon Microcinema in Minneapolis as part of the extended, year-round version of the Sound Unseen film festival.  



Recently, KFAI’s Mary Keating spoke Smith about the film, and how he found WFMU radio:

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