Turtle Island Voices Rising: 24 Hours of Native-American Programming Coming to KFAI This Wednesday, May 27

First Person Radio will celebrate Indian Month in Minnesota with 24 hours of continuous Indian programming on Wednesday, May 27th. Tune in any time during the 24 hours for interesting, enlightening, and informative programming on KFAI Fresh Air Radio.
Charlie Thayer will be on board to bring you his new selections in music (this is for you night owls who like to listen to radio from midnight to 3 am).
First Person Radio will feature the South High School student selected for the White House Conference and give a hats off to Rory Taylor who won a prestigious national youth award and who will also be at the White House Conference.
Alfred Walking Bull will talk with Circle Newspaper columnists and contributors to Minnesota's largest monthly Indian newspaper.
Deanna Standing Cloud will have guests Lannesse Baker and Charlie Thayer on her segment to talk about Indian language, youth activities in the Twin Cities, and will feature youth leaders Sierra Villebrun, Breanna Green, and Abel Martinez. Deanna is a writer and promoter of wellness, education, and Indigenous language revitalization within Indian Country. The foundation for her work is the traditional teachings of the Anishinaabe people to reclaim ancient lifeways to create better systems of living for Native communities. 
Rhianna Yazzie will be there to talk about her new creative work. She is the founder and artistic director of New Native Theatre.
John Kane will call in from New York City to talk about the "rolling bombs" the rail cars filled with petroleum rolling through our cities and rural areas and how the pipeline is destroying indian lands.
Truth to Tell and Catalyst will bring you special editions of their programs.
The ever creative and talented R. Vincent Moniz will be on board to talk about poetry slams; you will hear his spoken word as only he can deliver it.
The time schedule will be out soon and you will see it here. Roy Taylor and Laura Waterman Wittstock are very excited to bring you this year's KFAI Indian Month celebration of radio.