KFAI's Spring Membership Drive: Goal passed!

KFAI membership drives have long tails, and well after the two-week on-ai portion ended contributions continue to stream in -- via the mail, the Web and even walked in the door. When we officially wrappedu the Spring membership campaign on Friday, April 17, 1,166 donors had cotributed $98,614 to Fresh Ai Radio. Eighty-two percent of this figue hs already been paid -- an important consideration! Fundraising success of this magnitude only happens through the effort of our dedicated volunteers and support of our listener-members. To everyone who contributed to this Spring's success we express our sincerest gratitude and thanks.
Don't forget: Unlike its staff and voluneers, KFAI's donation page never sleeps. You can go to www.kfai.org/donations any time to contribute to the radio station that defines "community" -- KFAI Fresh Air Community Radio!