The Nile Project Uses Culture to Calm Political, Economic and Social Turmoil

Tuesday night, February 24th, at the Carlson Family Stage at Northrop Auditorium in Minneapolis, the eleven artists of THE NILE PROJECT will make music that combines the diverse instruments, languages and traditions from countries that surround the Africa’s Nile River.  

KFAI listeners can receive 50 percent off the ticket price when you use the PromoCode “NILE50”.  Just enter the “NILE50” when ordering tickets online, or when ordering by phone at (612) 624-2345.

THE NILE PROJECT uses culture to calm the political, economic, environmental and social turmoil that rises when many people struggle for access to limited resources.

Along the Nile,  that kind of conflict is evident today around construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, a huge hydropower project that has caused anger downstream in Egypt.  

Three representatives of THE NILE PROJECT stopped by KFAI to talk with Brenda Bell Brown.




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