"Pointergate" Forum Examines Journalistic Choices

Several weeks have passed since national headlines described a Minnesota journalism controversy dubbed “Pointergate”.  

Local TV station KSTP ran a story accusing Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges of using a gang sign in a photograph with a “get out the vote” canvasser in North Minneapolis.

Hodges and KSTP’s critics said the mayor was not making a gang sign, she was merely pointing. Some said the story was an example of racial stereotypes being used to create fear and distrust, and an attempt to discredit the Mayor as she pushes for more accountability within the city’s police department.

In the face of such criticism, KSTP-TV stood by its story, led by company chair Stanley Hubbard.  


A forum on “Pointergate” was convened last night at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota.  The Uptake recorded the proceedings, and their video is featured below.



Duchesne Drew is  president of the Minnesota chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists and also serves as the Star Tribune’s Managing Editor for Operations. He talked with KFAI’s Rico Morales about why this issue is still important.

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