Seward Co-Op Expansion Raises Hopes & Questions

Gentrification is a concern for many residents of lower income neighborhoods. And with the announcement of the new Seward co-op development in the Bryant neighborhood of South Minneapolis, some residents are wondering if an influx of higher-income customers will marginalize and disenfranchise the people who already live in the neighborhood. 

To get the co-op’s view of this situation, Jumondeh Tweh talked to Sean Doyle, the co-op’s general manager, Nina Soffer of the Bryant Neighborhood organization, Barbra Doyle of HIRED, a workforce development organization, and Ladonna Redmond , the co-op’s education and outreach coordinator.    

Tweh also talked with two outspoken critics - Ralph Crowder of Freedom Radio and Cindy Lewis of Parents Community Advocating for Social Educational Justice.  Our edited conversation begins with Crowder's answer to the question - "Are you a co-op shopper?"    



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