May Day Planning Defies Weather

As winter lingers into early April in the Twin Cities, the annual May Day Parade and festival in Minneapolis feels very far away.  
But the calendar tells a different story.  On April 5th, a series of workshops will begin to literally shape the parade. 
Staff artists at the theater will use storyboards to guide volunteers in the creation of parade floats and features.  
The workshops are free and open to everyone, Saturday mornings and afternoons.  Workshops are also held on Tuesday and Thursday nights. 
And a big kickoff and fundraiser called “Plant the Seeds” is scheduled to support the parade, featuring food, music and art making activities.  
You can find out more about all the May Day Preparation activities at HOBT dot org.  
Sandy Speiler is the Artistic Director for In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater.   She told KFAI's Rico Morales that everyone is invited to help make this year's parade happen. 
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