Trista Harris Honored for Leadership


The Humphrey School of Public Affairs will give away its 2013 Leadership Awards tonight to three people - a United Nations Commissioner, the local leader of a multinational corporation, and the young Executive Director of a midwestern nonprofit working for social change.

Antonio Guterres is the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.  He’s getting the award for his work on behalf of victims of conflict around the world.   

Marilyn Carlson Nelson heads the Carlson Companies.  She’s being honored for leadership on the issue of human trafficking and the empowerment of women.

And Trista Harris is the Executive Director of the Headwaters Foundation.  She’s getting a Public Leadership award from the Humphrey school for her work to foster inclusion for Minnesota’s many and growing immigrant groups.

Harris grew up in South Minneapolis.  She stopped by the KFAI studios and talked with Yvette Howie, who asked how she became interested in social justice.  

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