2012 Youth News Initiative Stories

During the summer of 2012 students in KFAI's Youth News Initiative program produced radio pieces about stories important to them. The topics ranged from stop and frisk policies in Minneapolis to a male perspective on abortion. Students produced their pieces with the help of YNI supervisors Dale Connelly and Emily Krumberger and their individual mentors.

The pieces will be aired on KFAI's news programming in the fall of 2012.


Ahmad Aly, Underage Drinking: listen here.

Nansi Perez, A Male Perspective on Abortion: listen here.

Ayinde Abanu, Stop & Frisk Polices in Minneapolis: listen here.

Karen Xiong, Teen Depression: listen here.

David McCoy, Technology and the Development of Individuality: listen here.

Satta Kendor, Stereotypes of Country and Rap Music: listen here.


To view the 2012 YNI student blog, click here.