An Attempt To Reconnect

A significant number of young Somali Americans residing in MN have traveled back to their native country (Somalia) during the past couple of years. Some are Somali-Americans who were born in the U.S. and others came to the US at a fairly young age. While all these young people have different motivations for going back, they share a common thread - a dying love for their country of origin and a self-less desire to making a difference.

Join us on Somali Community Link this Sunday, January 29, 2012,at 2:00 p.m. as we talk with some of these brave, young Somali-Americans who've risked their lives to travel to their native country (Somalia). We will discuss their motivations, experience (highlights & low lights), as well as their unique aspirations with respect to how they were able to make a difference in their own ways. This discussion will be live and moderated in the English language. Phone lines will be open for questions/comments. We look forward to a lively discussion.