Radio Rumpus Room Occupies In Your Ear

Tune in In Your Ear this Wednesday night (Nov. 9) at midnight (technically Thursday morning for literalists) as the former hosts of Radio Rumpus Room settle in for an extended, two-hour occupation of this long-established KFAI rock program. Angie is taking the night off to allow time for a long-delayed revamp of her Facebook page, providing a hosting opportunity that the show-less RRRers are only too eager to exploit.

A hoped-for highlight will be a showcase of the revolutionary apocalyptic science-fiction anthems of Jefferson Airplane/Starship and all its members' multi-hyphenated permutations. From Volunteers through Blows Against The Empire, and Baron Von Tollbooth vs The Chrome Nun to Sunfighter and Bark, this rousing interlude is designed to convince the oiliest Wall Street greedhead to stuff his dearest possessions in a backpack, set fire to his mansion and head to the nearest agrarian commune and/or waiting starship.

Also, a special set will be dedicated to the first National EAS Test, currently scheduled for earlier the same day. Whatever the outcome of the "official" EAS test, you can count on the RRR/IYE programming interruption to satisfy all your emergency preparedness needs.

Please join the former hosts of Radio Rumpus Room as they occupy In Your Ear, midnight Wednesday, Nov. 9 (or is that Thursday, Nov. 10?). Don't forget to bring a sleeping bag.