Good & Country Goes Deep Into Vintage Country

Good & Country will be presenting an all 1970s country music show on Saturday, February 12th from 3-5 pm. The program will feature the original hit versions of songs heard on country radio back then-none of those re-recordings that you may find on hastily prepared and ill conceived compilations which can be found just about everywhere. Some were hits, some were misses, some were one hit wonders. Some of the recordings to be included in the show are even out of print!

Have you ever wanted to be a radio station music director? Here’s your chance! If you think of something that you would like to hear on this special show, you may either email or leave a voice message at 612.341.3144, ext. 862 (please do not use the studio line). If I have access to your suggestion, I’ll give it a spin!

Email and voicemail is checked daily. In order to aid in program preparation, please have your suggestions in by midnight Wednesday, February 9th. Here’s looking forward to a fun show!