Steve Rosborough, head of Moon Glyph Records, on MN Soundtrack Friday January 7

This Friday on MN Soundtrack founder of Moon Glyph records, Steve Rosborough, will be sitting in and playing some of his latest releases. Moon Glyph Records is a label based out of Minneapolis that has released 19 cassettes and 3 vinyl albums in the last 2 years. Featuring local artists Buffalo Moon, Velvet Davenport, Food Pyramid and Daughters of the Sun to name a few; Moon Glyph showcases the ever-growing experimental and psychedelic music scene of the Twin Cities.
I'll be talking with Steve about making the jump to vinyl this last year, Moon Glyph's upcoming releases and his own band, Olives. 2010 was a great year for Moon Glyph, having released lots of great local and national albums. We'll recap what was put out last year and take a listen to some future releases also. So check it out on MN Soundtrack this Friday(7:30-9pm)- Jonathan Kennedy