*Aroma-Herbalist, Wise Woman, Educator and Author MINDY GREEN - HEALTHY BREASTS AND BONES Dec. 6th Health Notes*

Mindy Green will be talking with Kinshasha about an important class she will be teaching in the Twin Cities at Plant Extracts International Inc. in Hopkins on Dec. 9th.

Breast cancer rates are worrisome and bone
fractures are a growing concern as we age, but
there is plenty that we can do to decrease our
risk for either event. It is never too early (or
late) to build healthy habits that will contribute
to an active and healthy life. Join us in learning
supportive measures for creating strong bones and
healthy breasts as we mature. This workshop will
include demystifying confusing information
regarding supplements, lifestyles and prescription
drugs for osteoporosis and how to build strong -
and more importantly - flexible bone. We will
discuss the pros and cons of hormones, and which
foods, essential oils and herbs are best for
creating healthy breasts.